We’ve been gone to long

Well the start of our 2017 was a little different then we planned on. We welcomed a new daughter to our family on December 26th, and the adjustment period has been a bit longer than maybe it should be. I have gone back and forth on how to write about it. I have stayed off of the website while I was trying to figure it out as well. I have so many posts that I want to write about, but I wanted to write about this first. This blog is about our life and how we manage it and make it easier to be healthy and happy. Part of that is just our day to day life. I didn’t know I was pregnant and wound up needing an emergency C-Section. Between finding out I was pregnant and actually delivering her was only 4 hours. We were not prepared, we had no clothes, we had no diapers, we had NO plans to add another baby to our family. Shock doesn’t even come close to the word I would use for what we were feeling. So the last 3 months has been a mental adjustment period and also a time period where we had to figure out how to manage this new situation. Bringing myself  to deal with the fact that I managed to miss out on a pregnancy, that my health was in danger because of it, and handling the crazy emotions most new moms deal with on top of more heavy feelings as well left me very unnerved. Now I feel like I need to start up again, I want this blog to be something special I want to actually spend time on it and I have a lot of ideas so I am back on the wagon everybody.  I will be posting more and more. Heads up softball starts soon both Chloe and Brianna have their coaches and teams, all we need is a schedule and slightly better weather! Can’t wait to post more! Hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

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