We got a dehydrator and I am way to excited about it!

Dan and I have a list of items that we would like to own. Nothing crazy, nothing over the top just everyday items. These items are not written down anywhere, and we don’t NEED them, but we keep our eyes open for deals and sales just in case. One of those items is a dehydrator. Now that Dan is starting the process of hunting we figured that a dehydrator would be good to have for the meat and as I figured out so much more. A decent dehydrator can start around sixty dollars and go up to the hundreds. Our usual stomping ground for something like that is Cabela’s. We have one semi close to us and its a nice outing when we do go. There were some dehydrators on sale but we decided that it wasn’t enough of a sale and we didn’t need one right now anyways so we passed. When we are at Cabela’s I make two stops, the live fish tanks and then the Bargain Cave.

The Bargain Cave is awesome and I will go into it more in a different post. We happened to be in the cave a couple weeks ago just looking, I need hiking boots and Dan is always looking for things he will need when he is camping. As we were walking out I looked down and there was a dehydrator. Now, for those who do not know the way the Bargain Cave works; the items are usually already marked down but then there is also a colored mark on the tag to tell you how much extra you can take off.

On this particular dehydrator its original cost was 249.99, marked down to 83.09, with a red mark which equaled another 20% off.  We immediately checked reviews on the product on our phones as well as checked the actual product. The final price was $66.47 which got us about a 70% savings. We brought the dehydrator home and I started planning what I wanted to start with. Since I had never used a dehydrator I wanted to start simple so I made peanut butter banana slices, 14 hours later, yummy! Then I moved onto strawberries, 18 hours later I figured out that the thickness of the slices matter but the house smelled great. After that I went a little fruit crazy, I made pineapple, apple slices, bananas, peaches, strawberries, and blueberries.


What I learned from that was not all fruits dry at the same temp or at the same rate but pineapple tastes amazing. It does take up a lot of counter space so it got put away fairly quickly. I will be using it a lot especially since Alexandria and Brianna enjoyed the fruits so much. Easy snacks to make for lunches or on the go during softball seasons. I also found some jerky recipes that I want to try and a couple other things I find very interesting. All in all it was a great find and even better buy for us. One thing we get to mark off the list of things we would love to have but don’t really need. Have you ever dehydrated? Do you have a favorite or must try recipe?

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