Some pictures of our girls

It’s been a little while since we’ve updated on the girls and even longer since you’ve seen pictures. Chloe is busy finishing up her sophomore year of high school, and although it definitely didn’t end how she wanted it to she had a much better year this year including keeping her grades up and making the softball team! Couldn’t be prouder! Brianna is finishing 5th grade which means the start of middle school next year and although she seems to be doing just fine doing her school from home I am worried about how significant a change from grade school to middle school will be next year. She is missing her friends and softball team mates a lot and I am missing watching them both play sooooo much, it’s not easy staying home, so we tried to help and let her dye her hair blue, it looks cute and I don’t hate it so it works. Alexandria is almost 5 and will be starting Kindergarten next year. With all this going on she is missing her chance to tour her school and get an idea of what her days will be like at school, she’s hit or miss on if she will freak out or not but we talk about it a lot in an effort to make sure she’s excited to go in the Fall. Her dance recital got cancelled and I’m so bummed about that but we will keep going and she will keep dancing. Veronica is a bundle of crazy in a little 3 year old body, If you know what warrior ninja is you understand when I say she uses our house like a ninja show…jumping, climbing, swinging on anything she can. We have tried to steer her towards doing work outs in the gym with Dan and playing with different things outside, her energy level is insane and I don’t know how we keep up with her. She definitely has an attitude problem and when she’s mad watch out, but she also loves to smell the flowers and eat ALL our food and cuddle so the good does outweigh the bad(sometimes). Scout puppy is our newest addition, we rescued her right before Thanksgiving and she has been deemed “Briannas dog” we started puppy training classes with her right before everything got shut down so she’s still a work in progress and she CHEWS EVERYTHING. My mom sent us some Yak Chews, they worked well till both dogs lost them…ugh. Scout definitely has puppy energy and loves to pick on our older pup, Sandy, but Sandy can get her pretty good and we let Sandy have her alone time if she seems like she needs it. We are just lucky we have a large backyard and it’s fenced in. Well that’s pretty much it, our lives updated at the moment. We love you and miss you XOXOXO

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