Hello out there

Did you know that I can write up posts on my phone! I did not, but now that I do I can add anything in a just a couple minutes.

Quick update before bed…

Dan-doing well working like crazy but always amazing

Chloe-School is going well, she’s thinking of trying out for high school softball, she plans on visiting family for spring break and then a ton of baseball games this summer

Brianna-School is going so much better than last year, she is a part of a couple different clubs and gearing up for middle school next year. Travel Softball goes into full swing in April and she won’t stop till end of July

Alexandria- Learning so much and such a positive little girl, her dance recital is in May and she will start kindergarten in August (where did the time go?)

Veronica- A spitefire! She is a ninja warrior and daredevil and that’s just the beginning, keeping track of her is crazy and so tiring but she’s special that’s for sure. Not sure how she’s gonna handle Alex going to school in August but we are thinking of letting her go to preschool to help

Me- Got a part time job with the Census and am hoping to use the money for softball and our trip to Maine for the family reunion this summer. Still running around with all the kids things, and loving to cook and document it. Trying to figure out how I can do it more.

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