Florida visit

I had a chance to go to Florida for a long weekend to see my grandparents, before last year I had not seen my grandmother in 7 years. I miss her, she has been a huge part of my life. It was a good weekend filled with helping my grandmother get stuff done, catching up with my own mother and hanging out with my younger cousins. Where I live there is no immediate family from my side. we have a lot of Dans side around and I am grateful for a family presence for our girls to grow up with but I do miss my aunts and uncles. I miss being around for big moments, like my cousin getting engaged (Congratulations Allyssa!) but at the end of the day my family, Dan and the girls are what I love being around the most. It was a beautiful weekend and it was nice to have no kids with me but I was ready to be home. As I write this I also realize my whole December is filled. Every day has something that we have to do, but that is our life, that is what we signed up for. So I am back(ish) planning on bringing more recipes and more blog posts. I have decided I like this as an outlet and I want to learn how to make it bigger and better. Now I am off to watch some Game of Thrones, anyone else watch?

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