Our Idea

I was sitting around and contemplating starting a blog but I was lost as to what to write about and how to make it something that people would actually want to continue to read. My husband came up with the idea to use what we know which is how to make his job work for us. Transportation isn't an easy job or life, but thousands of people work in this area and we believe we can offer insight to what works best for us! Recipes, fitness plans, cheat sheets, how to's and reviews on things that could really help any family especially a transportation family.

Our Goal

Tips and info for transportation employees to stay or help them get healthy in a difficult and demanding lifestyle that promotes anything but that.

We want to be able to put things on this site to help anyone single, married, kids, no kids, rail worker, teacher, I just want to post things that people find interesting and useful. I would love feedback so we can continue to add useful content for you

Meet the Family

We are a family of  6 and a dog! Dan the dad, Jasmine the mom, Chloe the oldest, Brianna and Alexandria are the middle, Veronica is the youngest, and Sandy is the dog!


Jasmine and Dan

The Parents

We have been married since 2007


The girls

Brianna, Alexandria, and Chloe


The surprise sister

This is Veronica. She was a surprise to the whole family, and life has changed again.


Sandy the puppy

A Pitt Bull Terrier who we rescued, she is loving and goofy